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Case Study: Yummy Penguin

Yummy Penguin

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The client: Clarkson Davis
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Yummy Penguin

What matters to you? Feeding the hungry? Growing young minds? Counseling those in need? Inspiring others? What matters to you matters to us.

Clarkson Davis dedicates every day to making a difference to those who make a difference in our community. They help your nonprofit help others by giving you the tools and support you need to succeed: a clear and compelling vision, informed leadership, a detailed business plan, and efficient operations. And we accomplish this with more than just good intentions.So whether you want to fine-tune your nonprofit or take it to the next level, call Clarkson Davis.

The problem

Clarkson Davis developed a vision for a complete service that addresses the major capability areas required for successful fundraising and incorporates expert analysis and planning with strong operational support and technology tools. A key part of such a vision called for a donor management and forecasting system like none other in the marketplace.

The system would need to allow real-time collaboration, database management, and analysis for end users and Clarkson Davis staff.

The system could not be completely imagined up-front. Some measure of discovery would be required during the development process. Responsiveness to customers of Clarkson Davis would be key to their adoption and prioritization of system components.

The solution
html-angular-js sql
  • Technology
    • Our Angular-based solution can be tested end-to-end more easily and delivered just as fast as traditional desktop solutions.
    • Leveraging the power of SQL Server, we were able to Provide ad-hoc reporting capabilities, using SQL Server Reporting Services.
    • Provide interim screens in Microsoft Access while the web versions were being developed so that Clarkson Davis staff could ramp up their back office operations ahead of upcoming web-based functionality.
  • Agility
    • BDC's agile process allowed for several major course corrections during the development process. This allowed the highest value items to be developed and deployed first.
    • Frequent and close communication ensured we were developing the right thing at the right time, just in time (JIT).
  • Consulting
    • BDC leveraged industry-specific experience to explore various build versus buy scenarios. We look for opportunities to plug in third party modules when they fit specific requirements.
    • Starting with the vision provided by Clarkson Davis, BDC partnered with them to flesh out specifications in a plain and easy language understandable by both product owners and developers.
  • Maintenance
    • We use systematic processes to keep defects under control. The process allows for a great deal of transparency in bug reporting, fixing, and deployment.
    • Quality of the code base is inspected often to ensure critical bugs don't creep in.
    • Users can choose to use either Portal or legacy applications, even simultaneously. Compatibility is maintained between so no data is lost.
    • We use a variety of staging and release candidate environments so testing teams at BDC and Clarkson Davis can run additional end-to-end tests.



According to the Standish Group1, agile software projects are 3 times more likely to see success versus traditionally managed software projects. Our team agreed much of this projects success was due to management through agile principles, attention to user's needs, and a passion to create a great user experience.

Clarkson Davis said about BDC:

  • Customer Centric with a Team approach to delivery high quality custom software.”
  • “Responsiveness and quality of team brought to the table in terms of experience, honesty, dedication, etc.”
  • “We have learned from both our successes and our mistakes to evolve all aspects of the software engineering process to improve everything from story boarding to the final delivery to the production server. Talent and experience on both the BDC and CD side has improved dramatically during the evolution of the process.”

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