With the latest in technical excellence, BDC creates beautifully designed software people love to use.   

About Us

BDC Software is a privately owned custom software development and consulting company based in Honolulu, Hawai'i and Dallas, Texas.   Since our start in 1998, BDC has been providing the best line-of-business custom software solutions for non-profit, education, financial services, energy, manufacturing, logistics, hospitality, health care, consultancies, and software organizations.  


Bridging the gap between technical excellence and beautiful experience design, BDC creates software people love to use. Rigorous quality assurance ensures our software functions well on web, desktop and mobile platforms. We can create custom software from scratch or build on something pre-existing.

Our Mission

To help your organization or department accomplish your mission, through custom software and consulting.  We partner with clients to create innovative and fun to use custom software solutions using leading edge technologies from Google, Microsoft and others. 

Our agile and lean process ensures high levels of visibility and rapid time to market.  We love to make that vision a reality and to observe the resulting positive effects.  We love to enhance business operations, help people communicate, assist non-profits to do more good, educate children, and even improve people’s homes.

Management Team


Brian Douglas
Founder / Software Architect

I've always had a passion for computers and anything innovative.  I got into programming at a young age.  It seemed somewhat mysterious and full of possibilities at the same time.  I started BDC Software as an extension to that passion.  BDC creates software *people* love to use.  Software is for people, and we create the best possible experiences through our experience and usability research.

Our global team consists of senior level engineers and designers, each bringing many years of experience to the table.  I make sure everyone is up to date on the latest in cutting edge software development techniques and tools.


Olga Douglas
Chief Product Owner

I love simplicity and help my team and clients to see a straightforward path amid complexity.  My goal is to blend creativity, user experience, innovation, and business objectives into a well-crafted software product.  As a business advisor, I navigate seamlessly among all projects, clients, disciplines. Variety is the spice of life.

Over the years, I helped clients from education, non-profit, financial, oil & gas, and field service industries to streamline their business logistics and operations.  Together we walk through business process discovery and experimentation quickly to an optimal digital solution.